River Moore

My name is River Moore, I’m 15 years old and come from the south of Spain, Tarifa. As I grew up in this iconic area for watersports it was natural for me to be in the ocean no matter the conditions. I began surfing at around the age of 2, then I took up kiting when I was 8 and recently wing foiling caught my eye in 2021 and the rest is history.

Favorite spot
Punta Paloma, Tarifa, Spain
  • 2nd Men's Freestyle Spain 2023
  • 2nd U16 Freestyle Spain 2023
  • 2nd U16 Race Spain 2023
  • 1st U16 Race Andalusia 2023
  • 9th GWA Tarifa Men’s Freestyle 2023
  • 2nd Men's Freestyle Spain 2022
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    When and how did you get into wing foiling? What do you like about it the most?

    As I did a lot of surfing I used to get very annoyed when there were no waves and always strong wind. I did a little bit of kiting with my dad but I wasn’t too keen. Then one day when I went surfing, I saw some local riders wing foiling. That was enough to persuade my dad to buy me some gear and start my wing foiling journey. Wing foiling gives you the unique sensation of flying. Gliding above the water, all that you can hear is the wind. I love the variety that is possible wing foiling, one minute you can be taking to the skies flipping and spinning and the next carving hard on open ocean swells.

    When did you take part in a competition for the first time and why did you decide to go into competitions?

    I took part in my first wingfoil competition in 2022, just over a year after I had started wing foiling. It was the Spanish championships held in Chiclana. I took part in both the Men’s Freestyle and Race category. It was a great experience as I knew most of the competitors as they were mostly locals from Tarifa yet I also met many new people who were equally stoked. I managed to get 2nd place in the freestyle category in the competition. The main reason I entered was to experience what competing would be like and to have some fun and learn new tricks with motivated and talented wing foilers.

    What are your short and long-term plans & goals in wingfoiling?

    My short term goal is to keep pushing myself to land more and more tricks and to start being more creative and innovative. I’m looking forward to competing in more competitions. Long term I plan to travel some more and discover new places and meet more of the team. I’m excited to help further develop products along with the other team riders to make the very best equipment with the very best team.

    What event are you looking forward to the most this year?

    This year I am looking forward to the GWA in Tarifa. It’s great to see the world’s best riders shredding in my hometown. This competition will be my 3rd time competing in the GWA and I hope to improve my result from last year where I reached the quarter-finals. 

    What’s your favorite spot to ride and why?

    My favorite spot to ride is Punta Paloma with a 25 to 30 knot levante wind. This allows me to use my smaller wings and utilize the waves to go to the moon!

    What keeps you busy besides foiling? And what do you do on windless days?

    On the windless days I enjoy improving my beach starts with the big foils and small boards. I am also a very passionate musician. I regularly play the drums in concerts and musical shows. I started playing the drums 9 years ago when I was just 6 years old.

    What made you want to join the Reedin team? 

    I wanted to join Reedin for many reasons. Firstly, the team are amazing. Everyone is stoked and very easy to work with. I also love the brand’s background with Kevin and Damien and how they have built up Reedin through pure passion and dedication. I have seen the improvement of the equipment too. Just over the last year the equipment has gone through the roof. I am looking forward to help further improve the gear too.

    How has the gear been so far?

    Wow, simply wow. I have used a number of different products and was unsure what to expect when I first tested the gear but it definitely did not disappoint. As soon as I started using it I was landing my most difficult tricks like frontside 720, frontflips and backflips to 360 combos way more frequently. I definitely felt a big difference in the lift and hangtime that the wing gave me, as well as the board being super stable when landing tricks.

    What can we expect to see from you in the future?

    In the future you can expect to see me competing, sharing the stoke and having tons of fun on the water. I’m looking forward to some sessions with all the Reedin riders soon!

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