Our new twintip range


Our twintip philosophy

The overall concept of our twintips is that the majority of riders out there are looking for the same things; it has to be easy to ride, needs grip and pop for high jumps, comfortable through chop, and of course durable and high quality. The main differentiators being your power and riding speed, or body length and weight.


Sustainability and Performance with GreenPoxy 33.

This year we introduce our new board range, all produced with GreenPoxy 33, a revolutionary eco-friendly epoxy resin. With 35% of its molecular structure derived from plants, this resin represents a big leap forward in sustainable materials, and its performance has been tested all over the world for several years to make sure your getting the highest quality board possible.


Superbinding provides maximum comfort and support with precise board control. From heel to toe you can trust our SuperBinding to provide the best ride and make your board feel better than with any other binding.

Surf boards

Made by actual surfers and kitesurfers.

This means the machine made - hand finished boards are extremely precise and consistent. If anything is wrong it will be noticed straight away. Made from an extremely strong XPS core, they're not only bombproof but also waterproof. So if you do damage your board, the core does not soak up any water, meaning you don’t have to end your session prematurely. And if you're on a remote trip without a repair shop and the damage is not too big, you can keep on surfing!

Kite foiling

Whether you're addicted to the feeling of soaring above the water, or simply want to get out in super light conditions, we've got an amazing collection for exactly that! Pick a FEATHER 20L or 40L and either our FLIGHTATTENDANT or ELCAPITANO series.

Register your gear

Register your product within 30 days of purchase and receive 6 months extended warranty, plus a 25% discount code for apparel in our webshop.