Effortless performance


Designed with all the exclusive shaping of the KevPro, but with a different flex pattern and outline that is purposefully designed to give the same unique characteristics for those that ride at normal speeds.

The unique Bottom shaping featuring a full concave bottom with triple concave channels is specifically designed to provide maximum grip in the tip area towards your back foot while letting the water flow more freely in the center of the board for maximum speed.

The recess close to the rail makes it easier to grab and hold the board. Mounted with our super binding you will certainly experience the most comfortable ride you’ve ever had.

Key points

Tuned for normal speed riding
Making the platform even more solid in all conditions was our goal. By adding 4 attachment points, we’ve created a kite not only more stable in nuking winds, the overall feeling of stiffness, responsiveness, and stability is instantly noticeable.

Easy through chop
We all want to have the most fun possible when riding. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, your kite should be easy to ride, giving bar feedback to always feel where the kite is, so you can focus on your riding. SUPERMODEL is like an extension of your body.

Playful response
SUPERMODEL will always stay true to what our riders love about it, being the ultimate do-it-all kite. Whether you’re new to a Reedin kite, or upgrading, you will feel right at home and ready for anything you want to throw at it.

Very forgiving
The introduction of Hybrid Torsion Frame is a major success, and further development and hours of testing and analysing led us to greatly improve the implementation. New strut material and an added FLEXLITE segment make it respond even faster and turn faster and smoother.

Maximum comfort
By reducing the total weight up to 15% compared to last year’s SUPERMODEL, flight characteristics have drastically increased. The 9m is now 450 grams lighter! Increased responsiveness, higher jumps, better low-end, faster loops, the benefits are endless.

Soft landings
Overall work on canopy tension, seams, and trailing edge materials have resulted in significantly less chance of canopy flutter when aggressively looping, which could potentially slow down the kite. SUPERMODEL loops smoothly while accelerating through the turn, for the most confident catches.

Damien about SUPER E

What were your design goals for Super E?

The goal was also very simple: Make a board that would feel just as good as KevPro for every day riders that don’t necessarily ride super fast all the time. This was achieved by mainly working on the flex of the board in order to have a softer response than KevPro.

Can you tell us about the shape of the board and how you achieved those goals?

The bottom channels are designed to be more pronounced in the tips of the board where the water flow is more parallel to the board in order to provide grip without slowing you down, while the center of the board has minimal bottom shaping in order to let water flow as fast as possible.

The edge of the board, however, has our rail edging channel that provides grip between your feet acting like a center fin for maximum grip without necessarily leaning on your back foot.

Thanks to the layup, Super E is designed with a Flex tuned to give you the absolute best response when riding moderately fast.




Double Sandwich stringer

Provides twist control, added stiffness, and quick flex response.

Concave bottom

The full concave bottom with triple concave channels give unmatched grip in the tip area.

Progressive flex

The profile of the board is specifically tapered to provide the perfect flex repartition throughout the whole length of the board.

Rail edging channels

Channels in the bottom shaping of the board give a natural grip between your feet without having to edge hard.

Double swallow tips

Reduce the surface area while keeping rail length, so you can push the board down harder when edging for a jump.

Easy grab rails

3d shaping on the top of the board makes it easy to grip your fingers on the edges when grabbing for a board-off.

Technical specifications

Board size (cm) 134 137 140 143
Width 40 41 42 43
Rider weight (kg) 50-75 65-85 75-95 85+
Rider weight (lbs) 110-165 145-187 165-210 187+
Stance range (cm) 56-66 56-55 57-67 57-67
Stance range (in) 22-26 22-26 22 7/16 - 26 3/8 22 7/16 - 26 3/8