Light-weight riders

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GoodDay is specifically designed for lightweight riders.

Inspired from KevPro, it retains all its qualities: Control, comfort, grip and overall performance while being adapted to less powerful morphologies. The board is narrowed for easier grip in jumps, upwind control and amazing carving turns.
A softer progressive flex makes it responsive for amazing liveliness like the rest of TwinTip range, specifically tuned for those lighter riders.

Key points

Narrower outline
The narrower outline compared to our other boards, makes it easier to control the board and hold the edge when powered. It also helps with comfort and riding through chop for lighter riders.

Softer progressive flex
GOODDAY is not tuned to feel soft. When ridden by lighter riders, the softer flex is perfectly tuned to make it a playful, comfortable and responsive.

Smooth carving turns
The outline and rocker make for a dynamic, fun, and playful board, ready to handle anything you decide to throw at it.

Damien about GOODDAY

What were your design goals for GOODDAY?

The goal was also very simple: Make a board that would feel just as good as SUPER E, adapted to less powerful morphologies. 

Can you tell us how you achieved those goals?

Lighter riders, who generally also have less strength than big, heavy ones, ride with a different amount of power. This is why we chose a narrower board outline and softer flex, to have it tuned perfectly to their body. We also decided to go with smaller sizes; 132cm and 135cm, because these riders tend to also be less tall. The result is an amazingly lively board that edges and turns really well, so nothing is holding you back from having as much progression as possible.


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Double Sandwich stringer

Provides twist control, and a quick flex response.

Concave bottom

The full concave bottom with triple concave channels give unmatched grip in the tip area.

Progressive flex

The profile of the board is specifically tapered to provide the perfect flex repartition throughout the whole length of the board.

Rail edging channels

Channels in the bottom shaping of the board give a natural grip between your feet without having to edge hard.

Triple swallow tips

Reduce the surface area while keeping rail length, so you can push the board down harder when edging for a jump.

Easy grab rails

3d shaping on the top of the board makes it easy to grip your fingers on the edges when grabbing for a board-off.

Technical specifications

Board size (cm) 132 135
Width 38 39
Rider weight (kg) 45-70 60-75
Stance range (cm) 56-66 56-66