Deivids Reinhards

Hi, I’m Deivids, a 16 year old kitesurfer from Latvia

Favorite spot
Balneario, Tarifa


Please introduce yourself a little for those who don’t know you.
Hi, I’m Deivids, a 16 year old kitesurfer from Latvija.
Why, and at what age did you get into kiting?
I started kiting when I turned 11 years old. so I’ve been kiteboarding for 5 years.
What about kiting do you enjoy most?
I love the freedom. The feeling when you land a new trick, I love the community, and of course, you got to love the wipeouts.
Describe the absolute perfect dream session to us.
spot-Tarifa-balneario sunset 3-4 kites in the air. wind-13-16m/s kite-8m HTFreedin supermodel trick- doobie contraloop boardoff + 2 rotations
What gear are you riding and what’s your favorite size?
I ride Reedin, my favourite size is the 8m HTF learned so many new tricks on that kite ?
What do you do on a day without wind?
I chill, play football, basketball or volleyball manage my ig acc
What can people expect to see from you in the future?
That dog in me

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