Yiman Chen

My name is Yiman Chen, I’m 23 years old, from Pingtan Island, China. I started kiteboarding at 14 years old.

Favorite spot
Pingtan island, China
  • 3x China women's big air champion
  • 1st RedBull Wind Riders Mauritius women's slalom 2022
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    My name is Yiman Chen, I’m 23 years old, from Pingtan Island, China. I started kiteboarding at 14 years old.

    When and how did you get into kiteboarding? What do you like about it the most?

    During my childhood, my parents were always keen to engage me in outdoor sports. I began learning to swim, run, and dance at the age of 6, which sparked my interest and passion for sports. My hometown Pingtan island is famous for its kiteboarding spots. Its geographical location creates a strait pipeline effect with Taiwan, resulting in more than 250 windy days each year, attracting kiteboarders worldwide. When I was 14, I was sitting on the beach, mesmerized by the sight of kiteboarders in the water. After discussing it with my parents, they totally supported me and found me an excellent kiteboarding coach. Then my kiteboarding journey started.

    What I love most about kiteboarding is the daily sense of progress and a deeper understanding of the sport. Jumping in the air, I feel an unparalleled freedom, as if time stands still, making me feel at one with nature. Kiteboarding has transformed me from a little girl into a strong and brave person, which is why I love it so much.

    When did you take part in a competition for the first time and why did you decide to go into competitions?

    My first competition was in 2014, the year I began learning kiteboarding. After a few months of training, I entered the Asian Kiteboarding Competition to test my skills.

    In 2014, my hometown hosted the PKRA Kiteboarding World Cup Tour. Watching the competition inspired me immensely. I was amazed by everyone’s performance, so I aspired to become a professional kiteboarder. Competing that year, I found that competitions fuel ambition and the excitement of participation is exhilarating. Despite the results being mixed, the competitions offer valuable lessons for reflection and improvement.

    What are your short and long-term plans & goals in kiting?

    I aim to continually enhance my skills and abilities in kiteboarding. My future goal is to participate in international women’s big air kite events, and to explore more kite spots, meet professional kiteboarders, learn from them, and hopefully, one day, stand on the international podium. Additionally, I want to create content to share my kiteboarding journey, making my passion for the sport more meaningful.

    What are you looking forward to the most this year?

    This year, I’m eager to create kitesurfing content with Reedin and master new tricks using Reedin gear.

    What’s your favorite spot to ride and why?

    I believe Pingtan Island is my favorite spot. Its consistent wind, along with the company of my family, friends, and cherished memories of kiteboarding, make it ideal. Here, I can kite without worries, enjoying the incredible spots Pingtan offers, including flat water training in summer and big air on kickers in winter.

    What keeps you busy besides kiting? And what do you do on windless days?

    I am a content creator, dedicating a lot of time to creating interesting and appealing content. My flexible schedule also allows ample time for kitesurfing.

    I spend considerable time exercising to enhance my kiteboarding performance. On windless days, I pursue various learning opportunities and enjoy quality time with friends, focusing on continual learning and progress.

    What made you want to join the Reedin team? 

    I’ve been a long-time admirer of Kevin, inspired by his passion for the sport and achievements. After Kevin and Damin launched their brand, I was convinced of their potential to innovate in this industry. Identifying with Reedin’s goals and believing in the brand’s potential, I am eager to grow alongside Reedin and join the Reedin team.

    How has the gear been so far?

    To be honest, transitioning to Reedin gear was a noticeable change compared to what I had been used to for three years. However, after adjusting to it, I’ve gained confidence and control. The performance and aesthetic of the kite have enabled me to express myself fully on the water, I believe I will unlock more tricks with Reedin gear.

    What can we expect to see from you in the future?

    I am committed to excelling as an extreme athlete while using my passion for kiteboarding to inspire more women to challenge themselves. Through the content I share on social platforms, my goal is to showcase the women’s power by using Reedin gear and push my abilities to the limit.

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