Hugo Marin

My name is Hugo Marin, I’m 22 years old, coming from France, south, near to Montpellier, where the tramontane is blowing most of the year. I started kiteboarding at 14 years old and winging 3 years ago.

Favorite spot
Le Morne, Mauritius
  • Vice world champion wave riding in 2023
  • 1st place in the Dakhla World Cup in 2021
  • 3rd world championships freestyle 2021
  • 3rd world championships racing 2021
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    My name is Hugo Marin, I’m 22 years old, coming from France, south, near to Montpellier, where the tramontane is blowing most of the year. I started kiteboarding at 14 years old and winging 3 years ago.

    When and how did you get into wing foiling? What do you like about it the most?

    It’s actually quite funny and unexpected, I was doing kiteboarding a lot and not really keen to start a new sport, as I also found it quite boring back in time 😅

    During lockdown in France, we couldn’t go out of our homes and couldn’t go in the water. So kiting was too easy to be seen. My idea was then to start winging, to be able to go and hide myself from the police. After the lockdowns I kept winging because I found it super fun and nice as I was already prone foiling, it permitted me to take tons of waves in a short time. So what I like the most in winging is how every single spot becomes the best spot ever, small waves small bumps become your skate park or ski slopes..

    Why did you decide to go into competitions? Have you always been competitive?

    I just tried to find myself a sport to perform in, I was pushed by my family to do kiting competitions, it was hard, the level was high and I couldn’t catch up with the deficit. Once I started wingfoiling, I had the chance to learn faster because of doing foiling for already a long time, so I knew I had a chance to take in competitions, and it permitted me also to get my first real sponsorship agreement with brands.

    How do you get yourself in the zone on competition day?

    My trick is to put my fav music and think about enjoying my sessions, then I perform the most when I have fun, I try to have fun :))

    What are your short and long-term plans & goals in Wingfoiling?

    I’ve been doing a lot of competitions and achieved quite a lot of goals in my life, ofc I would like to be crowned world champion but my goals are also going on the other side these days. I’d like to be more known for developing gear and being involved in the winging industry and where our sport can grow in the future. I want to use my knowledge of competitions and hours on the water to make it profitable.

    What event are you looking forward to the most?

    I’m looking forward to the Brazil event in October, it’s a new spot, a goofy foot wave world-class.

    What’s your favourite spot to ride and why?

    I think it’s Mauritius Le Morne, I’ve been riding there a lot and it’s just magical. World-class waves, clear water and plenty of things to do besides riding.

    What made you want to join the Reedin team? 

    I think I wanted to find a brand more focused on humans interactions than a brand that wants to make a profit without taking care of the « social » part. Reedin always showed a « friendly team » image, and I knew it was for me. I also know Damien is an incredible designer who likes to innovate and always works to make everything better in the best way. Kevin is also an example of determination and this is one of my principles.

    What was your favourite moment during the wing shoot in Cape Town?

    The last day, going to shoot with Parker and Damien on a road trip we first did a downwinder with SUP foil, and then kite an amazing place in cape of good hope, this was memorable.

    How has the gear been so far?

    Astonishing, the good way. To be honest I was quite stressed about changing gears, I’ve been riding the same gear for 5 years almost, so I was used to the style of gears. But since my second session, I felt the potential and I now don’t feel the difference anymore and ride waves as before! Wing wise, I’ve discovered the best wing I ever tried on the market! The kites are really impressive, no adaptation time, intuitive, fast, reactive, solid, and most of all really stylish, they surprised me!

    I definitely have a lot of fun with all the gears and I feel I can perform with them, and that’s the most important!

    My goal is also to bring all my knowledge to Reedin in terms of winging to make the ultimate best products on the market.

    What keeps you busy besides foiling? 

    I’m passionate about aviation and airplanes, I’m actually doing a class to become Pilot PPL, and I’d like to make it my work later, combined with wingfoil and riding in general. I also hike a lot, and like to discover all kinds of places :))

    What can we expect to see from you this year?

    My life, what I like, a happy guy who found the best brand to collaborate and work with, I hope for lots of projects all over the world and also just a lot of fun, and I’m looking forward to meeting more of the Reedin world (shops, riders, ambassadors)

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