River Moore competes in GWA Tarifa and Spain Wingfoil Tour

River Moore Spain Wingfoil Tour GWA Tarifa

River Moore put on an incredible performance at the Spain Wingfoil Tour and the GWA stop in Tarifa! We interviewed him to find out more about his preparation and his feelings during these competitions.

River Moore on third place in U17 freestyle Spain Wingfoil Tour

First of all, congratulations on the podiums! You put on an impressive performance in your last competitions! How do you feel now when you think back to these events?

Thank you very much! Looking back at the two events I am extremely happy with how it all went. I was a little bit nervous going into them as I hadn’t been riding Reedin gear too long, so I didn’t quite get all the training in I wanted to, in order to be super comfortable on this new equipment. Thankfully, the gear is amazing so I had enough confidence that I could land my tricks.

Tell us a little about the events you participated in and how you finished. Which ranking are you most proud of?

From the 27th to the 30th of April I competed in the Spanish Championships in Chiclana. In this competition I managed 4th in Men’s Freestyle, 3rd in under 17s Freestyle and 2nd in under 17s Racing. Then, the day after, the 1st, to the 4th of May I competed in the World Championships (GWA) in my home spot, Tarifa. I was stoked to have even been entered into the competition along with 28 of the best riders in the world. I was even more stoked with how I did. I landed all of my best tricks super cleanly, getting the best scores I could. This was enough to get me through to the quarter finals but unfortunately, no further. I came 4th in the quarter final which meant I ended up 13th overall. I was over the moon. This was definitely my most proud achievement, as I was against the very best in the world.

How do you approach a phase with so many events in a row? Do you have any special preparation?

To prepare for such a busy week of competition, I obviously want to train plenty to dial down my tricks and to ensure I am comfortable with my equipment. I also make sure all of my gear is in good condition and ensure all screws are nice and tight. I don’t like to train too much the day or days before a competition. This saves some energy yet still keeps me fresh and ready. I listen and play a lot of music before the competitions as it keeps my mind distracted and active.

River Moore on the podium of the Spain Wingfoil Tour. Fourth place in Men's freestyle
River Moore finishes as second in U17 racing at the Spain Wingfoil Tour

What competitions are coming up next?

I haven’t got any major competitions coming up in the near future, however, I will be participating in some smaller, local events that are very fun. Including the Super 8 Tarifa and the Spain Wingfoil Series. These events are both for racing.

Which equipment did you use for these events?

For the last two competitions I used the Supernatural. We didn’t quite get the strong wind we were hoping for in Chiclana meaning I had to use the 4.5m wing. In Tarifa we got a little bit more allowing me to use my two favorite sizes of wings, the 3.8m and 3.0m. And of course, for any type of wingfoiling, I use the 60l Feather board. It is the perfect board for any conditions and any wingfoiling discipline.

River Moore riding at the GWA

Photos by Samuel Cárdenas