Kite Collection 4

At Reedin we want to fly faster, jump higher, and redefine all possibilities of kiting, by dedicating ourselves to innovation and quality. With Collection 4, you can put your hands on gear that will take your riding to the next level.

No matter your discipline or riding level, Reedin will take you there.

Wing Collection 4

Damien’s deep passion for product design and innovation is a perfect match for this young and developing sport. 

Designing wings since the beginning of the sport, this experience has propelled Reedin Wings to produce some of the best wings on the market, keeping us aligned with our mission to develop ‘the perfect gear’ for every rider out there, redefining the sport as it develops in a rapid pace.

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Kevin and Damien share the same passion for being out on the water and this lies deep in the foundation of Reedin.

At Reedin we want to fly faster, jump higher, and redefine all the possibilities of kiting.

Their passion for kiteboarding and product design has propelled the journey to develop the “perfect kite gear” that appeals to all riders. Reedin aspires to give riders a unique kiteboarding experience that redefines the sport, pushing them to relish every session.

After years of riding, designing, and developing an even deeper passion for kiteboarding, Damien Girardin and Kevin Langeree have fused their talents to build Reedin—a kite brand that aims to create an incomparable riding experience and inspires riders to enjoy every session.

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