Exploring the South African east coast

We took our riders on an epic adventure up the South African coast, chasing wind and having a blast along the way. Join us on a trip along the wild, unexplored coast in our latest release: UP THE COAST!

Exploring new spots and chasing wind

For our collection 5 shoot, we wanted to find new, unique locations. As always with the new SUPERMODEL we’re looking to find all conditions for every discipline, and South Africa always manages to deliver on all fronts. So the plan formed – why don’t we make it a roadtrip up the coast, shooting every discipline for all our products, while making an epic surf-roadtrip movie as we go? It didn’t take much convincing for our teamriders Parker, Marius and Eszter to drop what they were doing and chase the wind with us.

On the road

We left at 4am to beat Cape Town traffic and drove 14 hours straight, blasting past the beautiful garden route, on to parts of South Africa that were still unknown to us, semi-trusting our windfinder apps that kept changing forecasts but fully motivated by the gorgeous scenery and beaches that we found. With every stop, the crew counted all the wildlife they saw along the route, except for Parker who slept through the entirety of the first drive… “No way there were giraffes, you’re all lying!”

Beach camps & no wind

Struggling to find wind can put a bit of a strain on a crew all eager to unleash their kitesurfing energy. We checked off our light-wind shoot, had a blast jumping off the big dunes, and set up camp on an empty beach – protected and out of sight by the dunes. The next morning at 5am we were treated by the most beautiful sunrise, and Parker left us all in awe by his prone foiling skills. This guy turns messy waves into an absolute playground, pumping and gliding, while frothing on our new ElCapitano high-aspect foils.

Reaping our reward

I truly believe this is what any kitesurfing trip is about. You’re chasing wind, driving around checking spots, glued to any wind app or local information you can find. Without a little struggle, you’ll never appreciate the reward enough. And boy did we get rewarded! Our last 3 days were filled with wind, and we managed to hit spot after spot, finding flat water, waves, perfect foiling conditions, and everything in between. Topping it off with some true big-air conditions (you know it’s strong when Kevin rides anything smaller than a 9m!). Above all, South Africa showed us how much more it has to offer to kitesurfers who are willing to venture beyond Blouberg, Misty Cliffs, or Witsands.

Inspiring you to make the absolute most out of your session. That’s what we’re about at Reedin, and I’m sure you’ll feel inspired after watching Up the Coast. Drop us a comment on YouTube to let us know what you think! Full video