2024 Twintip designer talk with Damien Girardin

In this designer talk Damien Girardin is talking you through all the details of our Collection 5 twintip board range. If you have ever wondered which twintip is best for you or you want to know all the thoughts and details Damien has put into these boards, this video is for you!

At the core of our twintip Collection 5 are KevPro, SpaceAgency and SuperE. New for this year is Goodday, a board specifically designed for lighter-weight riders! Big E, our dedicated light-wind weapon, also got a complete redesign to make it even more fun and easy to ride.

We are also proud that for this season all our twintips are made with GREENPOXY, a revolutionary eco-friendly epoxy resin. With 35% of its molecular structure derived from plants.

You want to know even more? Then definitely watch the full designer talk on YouTube!