SuperModel 2024 HTF 2 designer talk with Damien Girardin

After the successful launch of SuperModel HTF 2 Damien Girardin now talks you through all design features and how these improved the kite’s performance!

What’s new for SuperModel HTF 2 ?

New 12-point bridle of SuperModel HTF 2


The fifth generation of our proven SuperModel comes with our new 12-point bridle. The added four attachment points not only make SuperModel HTF 2 more stable in nuking winds, but the overall feeling of stiffness, responsiveness, and stability is instantly noticeable.


SuperModel HTF 2 also comes with massive weight savings thanks to many design refinements by Damien Girardin. The weight was reduced by up to 15%, resulting in a 9m now being 450 grams lighter! Increased responsiveness, higher jumps, better low-end, faster loops, the benefits are endless.

Added FLEXLITE segment on SuperModel HTF 2


Building upon the Hybrid Torsion Frame of SuperModel HTF, this year’s kites come with an added segment of FLEXLITE. Making the kite feel smoother and react even faster to turning inputs!

If you want to know how Damien achieved these improvements, make sure to check out the full designer talk about SuperModel HTF 2 on YouTube!

SuperModel HTF 2 designer talk with Damien Girardin now on YouTube