I went to the windiest place of Europe!

I can’t believe how windy this place can get. I flew in for a few days and kited lots, visited our Reedin store, did a demo and rode with a few Reedin team rider. If you are even in Tarifa definitely go and visit our store. See you on the water!

This new gear is next level! – KEVVLOG

It’s always a special moment we we are launching new gear. We have been working really hard with an incredible team to build all these amazing new Reedin products. It feels good to finally show it!

Will it ride?! šŸ˜® KEVVLOG

I always wanted to see what is ridable. So we went to a flea market and bought some impossible boards. Thanks James, Lasse, Parker, Marius, Robin, Ryan and Giel for the laugh!

Funniest moments of the KING of the Air! KEVVLOG

I definitely experienced the King Of The Air different this year as a spectator. It was crazy to see how the new generation has pushed the sport into the next level. I can only be super proud to have been part of it and now Iā€™m enjoying it in a different way.

This might be the best kite spot in the world! KEVVLOG

Some of you have been here or dreaming of it, I was lucky enough to go to Brazil again. Kitesurfing paradise. It’s crazy to see how much kitesurfing has done for this region. The first time I can here there where 2 restaurants in Cumbuco and now there are countless. I’m very proud to be […]

This kite blew my mind!!! KEVVLOG

I’m so excited to finally show you what we have been working on at Reedin. The new HyperModel is here. A kite that is based of the DNA of the SuperModel but Hypercharged with Aluula.