Get to know Parker Sage

Parker Sage is an extremely talented rider at only 17 years old. You’ll see him on a kite ripping waves, pulling loops and flying foils, but also winging, prone-surfing, or anything else that involves the ocean, really. We’re beyond stoked to have Parker on the Reedin team and be part of his journey into becoming […]

CRASH TEST: X-PLY versus Ripstop | Reedin Talks

X-PLY is much stronger than conventional ripstop canopy material, there’s almost no stretch and it can handle much bigger loads. But what happens when you do damage the canopy, by putting your foil or another sharp object through? We’ve gone through the painful process and did it for you, so you hopefully don’t have to. […]

How the right gear progresses your riding | Reedin Talks

Kane De Wilde talks about how the development in gear has progressed his riding. Becoming more confident to go higher and bigger. In the end, the gear doesn’t make you better, but the right gear will help you unlock more of your potential!

How to pack down your SUPERWING X

Packdown of your SUPERWING X is easy and simple thanks to our FOLDSTRIP. Watch this video to make sure you pack down in the only correct way.

How to fold your wing

Rigid handle wings should be properly rolled, to make sure the canopy doesn’t get damaged. Check out Damien’s method!