Wing Performance Redefined


The performance increase that X-PLY gives is really mind-blowing

You’ll go faster,
fly higher, and
ride further upwind
than ever before


Designer Talk

Wing Performance Redefined

SUPERWING X is the stiffest, strongest, most direct wing we’ve ever created. You will go faster, jump higher and sail further upwind than ever before.


SUPERWING X sets the standard for high performance wings.

Advanced riders will instantly notice how direct, stiff, responsive and stable the wing is. You’ll jump higher, go faster, ride further upwind and experience minimal flutter when riding neutral. All with a noticeable increase in windrange.

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The stiffest, strongest, most direct wing you’ve ever flown

SUPERWING X came from designing wings for the past three years and coming to the conclusion that if we wanted higher performance, we needed to use higher performance material.

We started working with the leading X-PLY manufacturer to create a thinner, lighter and more ductile X-PLY material specifically designed for SUPERWING X.

The X-PLY is stiffer, stronger and has virtually no stretch compared to conventional canopy material. This provides a ride like you’ve never experienced before when winging. The whole platform is much stiffer with barely any flutter even when the wing is flown at neutral making it the most stable and silent ride you’ll ever experience.

Winging will never be the same

Designer Notes
By Damien Girardin

‘Designing SUPERWING X using X-PLY felt like a dream. The amazing stiffness of the material means that we can finally ride a wing that is extremely close to the intended 3d design.’

The Triax weave allows me to adjust my panel layout in order to tackle exactly how the efforts are spreading throughout the wing. My goal in the past year with wings has been to gain efficiency, control, stability and reduce flutter as much as possible. I really find it wrong to have a wing looking like a flag in the air every time you de-power or when you fly in neutral. Using regular polyester canopy, I worked on adding more and more tensioning seams on my designs and the wings have become a lot better, but I could still not eliminate flutter 100%. Also you can still feel the profile deformation when you ride.

So a stiffer material like X-ply was the natural evolution. I first used existing windsurfing X-PLY, but they were way too heavy and the weight totally outweighed the benefits. So I worked with our manufacturer to use the 1mil technology that they were using on some of their high performance sailboats, and combined with the Triax X-PLY that would allow me total control of load spreading. I am so excited about the result that I can not wait anymore to share this design with the world!


Designer Talk

Key features

Unique features that make a difference.


The X-PLY is stiffer, stronger and has virtually no stretch compared to regular canopy material, providing a ride like never before. The whole platform is much stiffer with minimal flutter even when the wing is flown at Neutral, making it the most stable and silent ride you’ll ever experience..

FOLDSTRIP US Patent 11,554,842

The Use of X-PLY would not have been possible without our patent pending FOLDSTRIP that allows for the wing to be carried in a small bag. The FOLDSTRIP allows the wing to be folded in half at the level of the canopy material strip then rolled preventing creases on the X-PLY.


The Aspect Ratio evolves along with each size. Bigger sizes have a lower AR for a shorter wing span and better low end power, while smaller sizes have a slightly higher AR for superior high end control and speed. This also prevents the wingtip of bigger sizes from touching the water.


Built under tension for the most stable profile and wing, providing a very direct feel with minimal flutter when riding. This ensures a very stable ride, both in neutral at the front handle, as while riding.


The triple axis grid of the X-PLY perfectly spreads the effort throughout the entire canopy. This translates into a much more efficient wing.


Provides a very direct response because the back of the strut is directly connected to the canopy of the wing. The recess at the level of the handle allows for a short handle that still provides ample room for your hands, so you can have a very direct control of the wing, while keeping your hands comfortable.


Wide handles in order to easily adjust your position and change to wind force. The internal core makes the handle stiff, and it’s covered with a soft and comfy sleeve made of a grippy, abrasion resistant canvas.


A third Layer of dacron in the center of our Leading Edge provides extra stiffness to your wing for minimal deflection under load, translating into a more direct feel and a more efficient wing overall.


Hose and dump valve are located in the very front of the strut, which acts as a lock for the strut bladder to prevent unwanted movements when the wing is deflated.

Superwing X