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Imagine arriving at the spot, the wind is still light; perfect foiling conditions. As the wind picks up, you gamble at some backmobes and blind judges. Looking over at the ocean, you see the swell rolling in, you catch some big waves and smash that lip hard! Now that the wind is really pushing through, you’re ready to break your PR, pulling the biggest loops of your life. Then as the sun sets, you find your buddies and mess around on the water until there’s no more sunlight left to play around in.

Sounds like a perfect day? We think so! And we believe you should only have to switch boards to do it, never having to re-dial into a different kite model. You want to get out there straight away and have as much fun as you possibly can! That’s exactly why we developed SuperModel – so you can focus on your riding, knowing that in all conditions, and every discipline, SuperModel Does It.



SuperModel HTF is designed with the goal to have it react and fly to perfection. The main focus is the way it performs, feels, turns, forgives, and is predictable, no matter if we are riding a twintip, a waveboard, or a foil. The end-goal is taking your riding to the next level and making your sessions more fun.

One key characteristic of SuperModel is how it swings out of the turns. This specifically will allow you to keep more flying speed in your kite to create more power, while staying very light. This means you can ride a smaller kite, and have more constant pull during your turns while riding waves, you will finish your kite loop with confidence, you will land your jumps smoother, and you will be able to steer your kite in marginal wind when riding underpowered on a foil.

Our unique profile provides incredible stability to make the kite super forgiving while delivering the most glide in jumps. Our Wingtip shape supplies instant response for quick turning to give great punch when sending a jump to easily get high quickly, because in the end, we all like to jump as high and long as possible.

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