Unhooked freestyle has long been the ultimate competition discipline in the world of professional kiteboarding. Kevin Langeree fought his way onto the podium several times, crowning himself PKRA Freestyle World Champion in 2009. Notably, Reedin co-founder and kite-designer Damien Girardin developed the very kite that helped him become victorious. Needless to say these guys know what a rider needs to stick some mad handlepasses!

Pop and slack: The holy grail of freestyle kiteboarding. The perfectly balanced bridles make sure that when you unhook, the kite stays stable in the air and keeps flying forward. As you’re loading up for your jump, SuperModel’s thin leading edge helps it shoot forward to create enough slack for you to easily pass the bar.

Stability: Tricks only count if you ride them out, right? SuperModel’s stable platform makes sure it stays exactly where you want it, before and after your trick, so you can ride it out with style.

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