Although foiling has been around for a long time, it’s being discovered by an increasing amount of people over the last years. Development in foil design and kite design has made it more accessible and more fun than ever before! Once you’ve gotten your first flights on the foil, the feeling of that magic carpet ride keeps you coming back for more, and it opens a world of light-wind possibilities.

For many people, it’s a discipline they do on light-wind days, and not the only discipline they stick to, which is why having a kite that can do it all is exactly what they need. So why is SUPERMODEL such a great kite for foiling?

Well, SUPERMODEL has great drift, which is exactly what you want on long gibes or other manoeuvres, as your riding speed is a lot higher on a foil, and you don’t want the kite to fall out the sky as soon as you veer downwind. It also generates a lot of power in the turns, allowing you to ride a smaller kite in light winds and keeping riding comfortable when the apparent wind increases with your riding speed. Fast turning lets you put SUPERMODEL exactly where you want it, so you can focus on your riding.



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