What draws people to kiteboarding the most? Right, it’s jumping as high and far as you possibly can. Other disciplines might follow after – but it’s the one thing everyone revisits now and again, regardless if you’re a waveriding expert or seasoned light-wind foiler.

It goes without saying that SUPERMODEL was designed and perfected to truly shine in Big Air. What did you expect from test-rider Kevin Langeree, who’s been crowned King Of The Air 3 times, having stood on the podium more than anyone else (6 times!)? It’s safe to say, he knows how a good big-air kite should fly!

So, what makes the SUPERMODEL the go-to choice for those jaw-dropping jumps and breathtaking heights? 

Quick steering for powerful take-offs: Storming towards a kicker at high speed, fully committed and ready to send it big, it’s that last flick of the kite that propells you into new heights. SUPERMODEL’s quick steering and turning radius is perfectly tuned to generate as much momentum, speed and power to yank you off the water, smashing your last PR.

Perfectly balanced: SUPERMODEL’s meticulously designed bridles play a pivotal role in making those huge jumps possible. By having a perfectly balanced centre of effort, the kite keeps pulling you higher and higher after your take-off. This balance between power and stability is key to achieving those heart-pounding moments when you seem to touch the sky.

Easy and predictable: The ultimate goal is to reach new heights with each successive jump. It’s not just about a single boost; it’s about a series of exhilarating jumps that push your limits and redefine what’s possible in kiteboarding. By creating a kite that’s easy and intuitive to ride, you eliminate as many variables as possible, so you can focus on perfecting your technique, without the kite ever getting in your way.

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