The perfect Reedin kite set combo!

The Reedin Collection 3 package is your perfect upgrade, or ultimate beginner set to kickstart your kitesurfing journey!

What's in the set?

SuperModel 3
SUPERMODEL is the easiest, most intuitive kite in the skies. It’s the perfect choice to kick-start your kitesurfing journey, or give it just the right boost!
DreamStick X
The most streamlined, functional, and easy-to-use control system you could ask for.
Super E 3
The easiest, high performing board, with a playful response and loads of pop and grip.

Where can I buy it?

The set is available at our trusted dealers world-wide! Simply use the store locator below to find the nearest dealer to you, and ask them about the Reedin Collection 3 set.

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