SuperModel HTF LW 2024

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SUPERMODEL LW dominates in the lightest breeze. Available in 14m and 16m, and completely reworked for 2024.

Key points

Weight reduction
By reducing the total weight up to 15% compared to last year’s SUPERMODEL, flight characteristics have drastically increased. The 14m is now 550 grams lighter!

All new bridles
By adding 4 attachment points, these bigger sizes have become much faster and more responsive. They’re also more stable in all conditions.

FLEXLITE leading edge
We’ve used our FLEXLITE material for the entire leading edge on our LW kites. This helps reduce weight, and allows for more torsion over the entire kite to make it turn even faster.

Easy relaunch
Light-winds require a kite that is easy to relaunch. Thanks to its leading-edge curve, wingtip shape and lighter weight, you’ll have these back up in no-time.

Quick turning
Testing different aspect ratios and wing-tip shapes has helped us nail the perfect shape to help SUPERMODEL LightWind feel much smaller than they actually are.

Easy to ride
We all want to have the most fun possible when riding. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, your kite should be easy to ride, giving bar feedback to always feel where the kite is, so you can focus on your riding. SUPERMODEL is like an extension of your body.



The super-segmented wing tip provides the smoothest turning engagement of any kite for maximum efficiency of your steering power.

FLEXLITE in the torsion zone quickly creates torsion into the entire LE for a much quicker steering response

Thinner, lighter flex struts translate steering input straight into the canopy.

Creates a smooth transition between the two materials used in the leading edge. Improving performance and durability.

Pure Dyneema bridles, weaved at a low angle. De- and pre-stretched to the highest standard for virtually no stretch over time: keeping the kites characteristics over time.

The high density of yarn per square meter makes this canopy one of the stiffest and strongest on the market for the most reactive and best-performing kite.

In order to ensure the best quality possible, most of pieces on the kite are stitched using CNC sewing machine.

Fine-tuned bridles on every size, making the whole range extremely consistent from one size to another.