Mast Aluminium 40-85

We’ve put a lot of focus and effort into the masts. Masts have 3 main problems to solve: stiffness, speed, and ventilation. Ventilation is unacceptable while the other two have a wider range. Thanks to our mast’s profile, we have absolutely zero ventilation in the most extreme waveriding while also allowing for maximum speed so you know that when your riding gets serious our mast will not hold you back.

In terms of stiffness, our new aluminum mast benefits from our new unique construction. A center Web in the the mast holds the two flanges surfaces that make the mast’s profile for maximum stiffness while keeping the weight minimal. The tow flanges surfaces being connected at the end also ensures very minimal torsion for a very direct response to the rider’s input.

To ensure a perfectly tight and playless connection, our aluminum plate is now delivered glued and screwed in two axes directly at the factory, ensuring that you will never see any play between your mast and plate.

The new mast features a redesigned thickness taper that maximizes rigidity while keeping the mast as thin as possible where it’s needed. We also re-engineered the materials and tested many different layups to hone in on the highest-performing structure. The result is a super direct feel, with no lost motion between your feet and the foil.