ElCapitano Wing Series is a new line of hydrofoils designed to redefine your riding experience, optimized for speed, glide, predictability, and effortless wingtip breaching. 

Drawing inspiration from the success of the mid aspect ratio Flight Attendant wings, E:CAPITANO wings integrate some of its most impactful design elements into a higher aspect ratio lineup. Crafted for both intermediate and advanced riders, the ElCapitano series embodies high performance and shredability. Whether you are shattering speed records on the 575, connecting more waves on the 995, or gliding effortlessly while downwinding on the 1395, ElCapitano wings are for you.

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The 575 wing is meant for speed! The smallest wing in the range, it’s designed specifically for high performance, high speed riding. Extremely lively but maintains a smooth feel whether you’re setting a speed record kitefoiling, winging, or towing into large waves.

Surface: 575cm²
Wingspan: 735cm
Chord: 95mm
AR: 9.5

Recommended stab: 155cm

The 795 bridges the gap between the 575 and 995, great for riders who are progressing and pushing their speed limits and tight turns. Also great for slightly lighter riders and kids who want a high performance do it all kind of wing.

Surface: 795cm²
Wingspan: 865cm
Chord: 115mm
AR: 9.5

Recommended stab: 155cm

The bread and butter size of ElCapitano! The 995 is the first wing we started to fantasize when we discussed the 9.5 AR line. It epitomizes the lineup’s excellent glide and all around performance, with effortless pumping, snappy turns, and smooth wing tip breaching. An excellent choice for any discipline, including prone, kite, winging, and wake foiling.

Surface: 995cm²
Wingspan: 970cm
Chord: 125mm
AR: 9.5

Recommended stab: 180cm

This wing a perfect big brother to the 995, working extremely well in all conditions, with just slightly more lift but very fast for its size. Great for the smaller wave days or heavier rider. It stays true to one of the main standout points of all Reedin wings, with a low takeoff speed and stall resistance. This makes it extremely easy to get on foil and accelerate quickly.

Surface: 1195cm²
Wingspan: 1060cm
Chord: 140mm
AR: 9.5

Recommended stab: 180cm

Makes the most of the 9.5 aspect ratio and maximizes every bit of lift, but is still extremely quick, nimble, and fun to carve hard. Its substantially efficient lift and pump is perfect for downwinding or linking a record number of waves together.

Surface: 1395cm²
Wingspan: 1170cm
Chord: 150mm
AR: 9.5

Recommended stab: 180cm

A pump and glide machine! Ideal for downwinding and flat water/tiny wave foiling. Makes you feel like you can float on the smallest of waves or wakes. The ventilation resistance tips and section are especially useful on the larger span wings for the accidental wingtip breach or for knifing the wing out on aggressive turns.

Surface: 1695cm²
Wingspan: 1225cm
Chord: 160mm
AR: 9.5

Recommended stab: 180cm