ElCapitano Foil Set

ElCapitano Wing Series is a new line of hydrofoils designed to redefine your riding experience,  optimized for speed, glide, predictability, and effortless wingtip breaching. 

Drawing inspiration from the success of the mid aspect ratio Flight Attendant wings, the ElCapitano wings integrate some of its most impactful design elements into a higher aspect ratio lineup. Crafted for both intermediate and advanced riders, the ElCapitano series embodies high performance and shredability. Whether you are shattering speed records on the 575, connecting more waves on the 995, or gliding effortlessly while downwinding on the 1395, ElCapitano wings are for you.

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Expected shipping: May

The ELCAPITANO foilset comes with:

  • 85cm Carbon T700 mast
  • 63cm Alu fuselage
  • 180cm Stabilizer
  • Titanium screwset
  • Torx tool
  • Covers
  • Accessory pouch