Riding the shortest lines ever!

Have you ever kitesurfed on short lines? Generally, kitebars come with 24 or 22 meter lines out of the box, but there are many more options that give completely different sensations. DreamStickX can be easily converted from 24m to 22m, and further down to 13m, 12m and 11m! That means there’s no need to buy an extra bar to give this a go and see if you like it.

In our latest Reedin Talks, Damien and Kevin talk about the effects of shortening your lines, the pro’s and con’s and everything in between. Curious about how short it’s actually possible to go? So were we! Watch the KEVVLOG to see just how mad things can get.

If you can’t wait to try this out yourself and are already riding a DreamStickX, watch the video below to see how you can easily shorten your lines in just a few steps.