Hugo Marin joins the Reedin team

Hugo Marin on Reedin wings

We’re excited to welcome Hugo Marin, a standout talent in the wing wave-riding and foiling scene, to our team. Originating from the windy shores of Le Grau du Roi, France, Hugo’s passion and skill set perfectly align with our commitment to excellence and innovation in the sport.

At just 22, Hugo has already distinguished himself on the global stage, becoming the Vice French Champion in strapless kiteboarding, earning podium finishes at the World Championships in both wing racing and freestyle, and claiming the Vice World Champion title in wave riding. His foray into wingfoiling was driven by curiosity and a desire for new challenges, quickly making it his primary focus. “Wingfoiling allows me to take tons of waves in a short time. So what I like the most in winging is how every single spot becomes the best spot ever, small waves, small bumps become your skate park or ski slopes.. “

The decision to join Reedin was influenced by Hugo’s desire for a brand that values the community and innovation equally. “I wanted to find a brand more focused on human interactions… Reedin always showed a ‘friendly team’ image, and I knew it was for me. I also know Damien is an incredible designer who likes to innovate and always works to make everything better in the best way. Kevin is also an example of determination and this is one of my principles.” Hugo shares, highlighting the alignment of his values with those of Reedin.

Hugo’s integration into the Reedin family is not just about competition; it’s about contributing to the evolution of the sport.

To be honest I was quite stressed about changing gears, I’ve been riding the same type for 5 years, but I’ve discovered the best wing I ever tried on the market! The kites are also really impressive, no adaptation time, intuitive, fast, reactive, solid and most of all really stylish. I definitely have a lot of fun with all the gears and I feel I can perform with them, and that’s the most important!

“My goal is also to bring all my knowledge to Reedin in terms of winging to make the ultimate best products on the market”

“Hugo grew up on the same spot I did, in Le Grau du Roi, France. I’m really proud that we are able to support yet one more athlete from this region that gave me the passion for Watersports from a very early age.”

Damien Girardin

Outside of his life on the water, Hugo pursues interests in aviation and outdoor exploration, embodying the adventurous spirit that Reedin champions. Looking forward, Hugo’s journey with Reedin promises to be filled with innovation, adventure, and a deepened connection to the wingfoiling community.

We’re excited to welcome Hugo Marin to Reedin. His arrival signals a new era of innovation, performance, and community engagement for our brand. Together, we’re ready to push boundaries and elevate the sport of wingfoiling to unprecedented heights.

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