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Feather boards are compact for minimum swing weight. This delivers maximum maneuverability, for the most fun on and above the water.

Feather boards have been designed with a straightforward objective: to be as easy and fun as possible. This was achieved by keeping only the bare minimum necessary on the board. They’re as short as possible while keeping as much volume as possible, you then get the floatation for low-speed starts while having minimal swing weight when riding for easy turns.

To ensure extremely high quality and durability, all our foiboards are now made in Portugal, with a closed-cell lightweight XPS core. This means the core does not take on water if you ding it, and does not blow out when it gets hot.

The carbon construction makes the board very stiff, allowing for precise and direct control, and extremely efficient pumping.


17L 3’8” x 17”5/16 x 2”

35L 4’1” x 20”1/2 x 3”5/8

52L 4’4” x 23” x 3”1/2

72L 4’9” x 24”1/2 x 4”7/16

88L 5’0” x 26”3/4 x 4”1/2

112L 5’6” x 29”1/2 x 4”7/16

Feather shaping


Damien about FEATHER

Feather stays true to our goal to make gear that is easy, fun and intuitive to ride and handle. These foilboards are truly a blast regardless of your level. We’ve packed them with lots of volume and increased the rail-to-rail length which makes them very stable when floating, and the bottom channels help tracking forward when taxiing, with an increased rocker that helps you ride through chop. All features that make this a very easy board to learn on, but advanced riders also greatly appreciate. Once in the air, you will notice how lively and playful the compact shape is, by having minimal swing-weight and a very balanced ride.

That’s also thanks to the high quality materials and construction now that we moved production to Portugal. Thanks to the XPS core and carbon construction, the board is very stiff for direct feedback and control. Thanks to its stiffness, pumping is also very efficient as no force is being lost when pushing on the board.

Overall I’m confident we’ve made the perfect board for anyone looking to get into the sport, wants to cruise, ride waves, or jump as high as they can.

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Made in Portugal

High quality construction

Our new collection feather boards are all made in Portugal, by surfers, for surfers. This means there’s a very high level of quality control on the finished products because a surfer knows how and why a board is supposed to look and feel.

Waterproof XPS core

At the heart of every wing board is the core. We’re using a closed-cell foam that can take up to 50.000 kg of pressure per square meter while staying light! The fact that it’s closed-cell means that if you ding your board, the core does not take on any water, unlike any other EPS foam core. This means you can finish your session, or even holiday in the unlucky event of a small crack or ding.

Carbon fiber construction

Around the core is a 100% carbon fiber construction that provides stiffness and strength. This gives you a direct response for easy control, and allows for very efficient pumping, all while staying very light.

Another focus point is the foilbox. We are using FUTURES foilboxes as they are proven to be the strongest in the industry. The mount is CNC cut with the board, placed in ultra high density PET honeycomb, and sandwiched in the carbon, providing a bomb-proof construction.

A breeze to get on the foil!

Increased width

By increasing the rail-to-rail floating area, it’s easy to balance on the board while still on your knees or when just standing up on the board.

Increased nose rocker

We’ve also added more rocker in the nose of the board, which helps with unintentional touchdowns, but also makes it easier to go through chop when still taxiing, and doesn’t bury the nose underwater as soon as you lean a little too far forward.

Size Guide

Size Wing Kite Surf Wake
17L – 3’8” x 17”5/16 x 2” Advanced Intermediate / Advanced Tow Intermediate / Advanced
35L – 4’1” x 20”1/2 x 3”5/8 Advanced Intermediate / Advanced Intermediate / Advanced Intermediate / Advanced
52L – 4’4” x 23” x 3”1/2 Light weight & advanced Not recommended Intermediate / Advanced Beginner <40kg
72L – 4’9” x 24”1/2 x 4”7/16 Intermediate & Advanced <70kg Not recommended Beginner Beginner <50kg
88L – 5’0” x 26”3/4 x 4”1/2 Intermediate & advanced <90kg Beginners <70kg Not recommended Standing with paddle Beginner <70kg
112L – 5’6” x 29”1/2 x 4”7/16 Intermediate & advanced <105kg Beginners <85kg Not recommended Standing with paddle Beginner <85kg