Differences between SuperWing and SuperWing X

Kane De Wilde has been testing with Reedin since the beginning of our wings. He’s designed foils with us and knows our products very well. We’ve taken the chance to ask Kane personally, which wing he would pick for what kind of riding and conditions.

Watch the video below:

Technical differences

In terms of shape, SuperWing and SuperWingX have a lot of similarities on Aspect Ratio and general outline. The profile on these two wings is however quite different. X-ply being so much stiffer, there is minimal deformation when the wing is loaded so the profile is a lot thinner.

Why should I pick SuperWingX over SuperWing and the opposite?

SuperWingX will please riders that like to go fast, jump high with lots of hang time and point further upwind.

SuperWing will please riders that are more focused on cruising, freefly, waveriding, and downwinding.

What is the difference in feeling of SuperWingX vs a classic canopy wing?

SuperWingX is a lot stiffer than any other wing on the market so you will have the sensation of a very direct connection to the wind. This can feel quite unusual especially if you come from a very soft wing, however once you get used to it, it may be hard for you to go back to a canopy wing again.

If you ride a sinker board, this extra rigidity may make it feel harder to get out of the water. However, you simply need to adjust your pumping technique to get the same amount of power to get out of the water. SuperWingX develops its full power at pumping when you’re making a movement of scooping the wind from forward to back versus simply moving your arms back and forth. Also once you start moving forward you’ll notice that SuperWingX generates more power than a canopy wing thanks to its profile that is better defined at all time.