Joana Kern

Joana got completely hooked on kitesurfing three years ago and is letting the wind determine where she’s living. Whether it’s a session shared with friends, or learning new tricks, Joana always leaves the water with a big smile!

Favorite spot


I am Joana, 23 years old & from the deep Black forest. I started kitesurfing 3 years ago in Tarifa. I decided to book a one-way ticket abroad and continue my studies online. After some time I discovered Tarifa, the hotspot and kite mecca! The good vibes and wind made me stay for a while and the small town kind of became my second home for the past years.
Now, I am always on the lookout for where to kitesurf next, to do what I am passionate about!
What about kiting do you enjoy most?
Literally, my most favorite moment was when I learned how to go upwind.
When I kitesurf I just love being out on the water and hooked up with the forces of nature. I enjoy being in full focus on what’s out there! Sharing the session with some friends, or trying to hold onto the gustiest winds in Tarifa while kicking a trick, or even watching the sunset while silently cruising over the sea – the different energies just put a big smile on my face during and after each session!
What’s your favourite spot in the world?
I remember on my kitetrip to Cape Town, I was an arm’s distance from a group of penguins – what a unique and beautiful experience!
Tarifa used to be my favorite spot because the town delivered almost every day wind. But to be honest, this changed for me when I got the chance to go to Cape Town. The massive nature and the diverse kitesurfing conditions are just mindblowing and unbelievably crazy!
What gear are you currently riding?
What I love about the Reedin is that I have an amazing hangtime. (I am riding a twin-tip and love to try new tricks that rises my energy level). The V2 accelerated my kiting level and my personal favorite is that the DreamstickX makes it easy to self launch and land the kite. If I need to choose my favorite kite size, nothing would come around a 9!
The V3’s gonna take me even higher this year. My next trick is gonna be a backroll tic-tac.

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