Emil Nöppert

Hi, I´m Emil 13 years old and from Berlin. I´ve been kiting for 2,5 years now.

Favorite spot
  • 4th German Championship U15 2022
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    Please introduce yourself a little for those who don’t know you

    Hi, I´m Emil 13 years old and from Berlin. I´ve been kiting for 2,5 years now

    Why, and at what age did you get into kiting?

    I actually started kiting at the age of seven, with my two years older brother Michel. We as a family were almost every weekend and holidays on the beach, because my dad is also crazy about watersports. But due to a disease I wasn´t allowed to kite for three years. Instead I windsurfed. Since 2,5 years I am fully back on kitesurfing.

    What about kiting do you enjoy most?

    I like the pull in a kiteloop. An incredible feeling.

    Describe the absolute perfect dream session to us

    Definitely in Witsands/Cape Town in 35 knots on a 6m Supermodel HTF with all my idols. If I could land a Boogie Board Off Double Loop wooow!!!!

    What gear are you riding and what’s your favorite size?

    At the moment I ride the Supermodel HTF and DreamstickX. Really looking forward to the MiniKev in 128cm, perfect for my size!

    What do you do on a day without wind?

    I do roadracing on a competitive level as well. So still need some time for training. Or if necessary I do homework…

    What can people expect to see from you in the future?

    I want to improve in every session, jump higher and more radical. I want to become German Champion and hope to compete in the King of the Air in some years.

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