Maximum comfort and support with precise board control.


Superbinding provides maximum comfort and support with precise board control. Thanks to guaranteed zero hard spots and stiff side winglets.

The inner molded side winglets ensure enough stiffness for board control by maintaining solid lateral support, yet the double density internal foam of the footstrap guarantees zero hard spot anywhere on your feet. The four way adjustment straps with flat ends ensure millimetric trim of your strap size from small bare feet to wearing booties.

Our unique Spinner® technology provides the most precise and easiest angle adjustment of any binding on the market from -11 to +11 degrees.

Finally, we know how annoying it is to store and keep track of your screws when taking the binding apart from the board so we’ve integrated our exclusive hardware storage® pocket so your screws will always stay with your binding.

From heel to toe you can trust our SuperBinding to provide the best ride and make your board feel better than with any other binding.

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Key features

Unique features that make a difference.

Zero hard spots®

Thanks to double density foam footstrap

Spinner® plate technology

Rotate your bindings with -11/+11 degrees range

Hardware storage® pocket

Never lose your screws again when you travel!

Four way adjustment straps

Internal molded side winglets

Molded footbed

SuperBinding 3