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High performance twintip with a snappy and lively response that only a carbon board can give you.

Built with no compromise Space Exploration Technology, our triple carbon construction features three different types of carbon fiber to provide an absolutely perfect flex pattern. The core is as sleek as possible, shedding unnecessary weight, with a carbon construction guaranteed for a dynamic, lively, and crisp ride.

SpaceAgency is for anyone who wants that unique response and lively feel that only a carbon board gives, with precise control and grip. It has been designed to perform at the highest level in any condition. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or ambitious beginner, this is your most exciting way to progress.

135×40 | 138×41 | 141×42

Damien about SPACEAGENCY

‘SpaceAgency is the result of putting my 20 years experience in kitesurfing and product design together, to create something without any limitations or compromises in materials and technology. 

This is the twin-tip I would choose everyday, over anything else. It’s a dream to ride, and my go-to-choice for an exhilarating, dynamic session. The combination of materials make this our most comfortable board that feels light on your feet, while having that lively, crisp response that only a carbon construction can give you. 

It glides through chop comfortably and offers the softest landings, while being able to hold down high speeds in full control. Our edge and channel design allow you to easily store and release so much energy that massive, adrenaline-fueled jumps are at the reach of your fingertips. 

It’s like nothing you’ve experienced before.’

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Through thorough analysis of mechanical efforts, we were able to create a strong frame, and get rid of all unnecessary weight on the rest of the board.


A combination of three types of carbon fiber allow for a perfect flex pattern, with stiffness and durability exactly where you want it.

Cross-placed stringers provide perfect control of the entire board’s torsion for absolutely unmatched comfort and performance when riding

Rail edging channels running along the edge of the board with a unique focus under each heel provides unmatched effortless grip.

A thorough analysis of mechanical efforts led us to create thickness and strength exactly where needed, shedding all other unnecessary weight.

The board’s profile is specifically tapered to provide the perfect flex throughout the entire board.

SpaceAgency is built using aerospace standards carbon fiber

Unique bottom contour that provides the best water flow possible in the middle of the board, combined with amazing grip in the tip area.

Light, strong, responsive, and sustainable.

Double Swallow Tips

Double swallow tips on SpaceAgency allow for a full rail while reducing the surface area, so you can push the board further into the water, for more grip when loading up for jumps.

Triple Carbon Construction



Only SpaceAgency can be ordered with our limited edition white SuperBindings and black G10 fins.

Size finder Guide

Board size (cm) 135 138 141
Width 40 41 42
Rider weight (kg) 55-75 65-85 75-100
Rider weight (lbs) 110-165 145-187 165-220
Stance range (cm) 56-66 56-66 57-67
Stance range (in) 22-26 22-26 22 7/16 - 26 3/8
Weight (kg) (5% tolerance) 2,4 2,6 2,8