One directional board for every situation.



The only strapless board you’ll ever need.

NoBrainer lets you cruise through choppy water, sticks to your feet when jumping, and will do serious waveriding no matter the type of waves. The unique rocker line, with a step in the back, is providing two boards in one: when riding flat water, you stand a little further forward on the board so you are using the straighter rocker, and when you engage in wave riding, your back foot moves all the way back to the board to get the enormous advantage of a higher kick tail rocker for the best turns of your life.

When jumping on flat water, the step tail allows you to lift the front of your board effortlessly, making “ollie” jumps easier than on any other board.

The higher rocker in the nose allows for tight turns on small waves while also saving you from pearling on vertical turns in steep and hollower waves. The rocker also allows for easier tricks landing fins forward as they will stay out of the water to let you focus on your trick rather than keeping the fins off the water.

The double channel close to the rail gives you extra drive and grip, whether you’re simply going straight or landing a trick. The recess along the rail provides extra stiffness to the board while providing additional grip for your grabs. The NoBrainer is undoubtedly the most advanced and purposefully designed for kiteboarding surfboard ever.

Made by actual kiters and surfers in Portugal.


Designer Talk

What’s new for this year

An entirely new shape and sizing for this year while staying true to its original DNA. Nobrainer now has a straighter outline for even more stability and more locked in ride.

The maximum width of the board is slightly smaller for a faster rail to rail transition but the overall average width is very similar for the same “glued on” feel when jumping.

The rocker has been adjusted to offer better control through the chop and allow the rider to stand a little further back on the board at all times. This allows for less moving on the board between riding straight, and starting tricks or turns.

360º view

Spin and zoom

Key features

Unique features that make a difference.

XPS Core

Exclusive closed Cell waterproof EPS core made Europe

Infused Soric Sandwich

Infusion allows for the perfect ratio fiber to resin for maximum strength, while the Soric ads and extra layer of resistance to impact

U Stringer

Uniquely made Stringer for added solidity and better flex than the old school wood stringer.

Carbon stringer on bottom

Superior reflex for when getting out of a turn or simply riding straight.

Step Tail Rocker

Two in one board, maximum stability when riding straight, extra rocker for wave riding, and easy ollie jumps

Higher rocker in nose

Forgiving in wave riding and when riding backward

Wide nose shape

More homogenous push from the wind under the board when jumping

Made in Portugal

By actual kiters and surfers

NoBrainer 2