Designer Talk: SuperModel HTF

We’re checking in with Reedin co-founder and head of design Damien Giradin about the newly released SuperModel HTF. For those unfamiliar with SuperModel, can you introduce the kite to us? SuperModel is designed with the goal to have it react and fly to perfection. The main focus is the way it performs, feels, turns, forgives, […]

Riding the shortest lines ever!

“In our latest Reedin Talks, Damien and Kevin talk about the effects of shortening your lines, the pro's and con's and everything in between.

How the right gear progresses your riding

Good gear doesn’t automatically make you a better rider, but having the right gear will allow you to fully unlock your potential. That’s why gear does matter. We recently talked with Kane de Wilde about how the new Reedin gear progressed his riding.

Differences between SuperWing and SuperWing X

Are you wondering which SuperWing is most suited for you and how you ride? We’ve taken the chance to ask Kane de Wilde, which wing he would pick for what kind of riding and conditions.