New spots in the GROM team!

Apply for the Reedin GROM team! We’re excited to continue our search for young and talented riders, so we’ve opened up a few select spots for top-performing riders, looking to push themselves further. Do you have what it takes? Fill out the form below, and upload your video! We’re currently closed for new applications.

WING GIVEAWAY – Win a SuperNatural

Win a SUPERNATURAL SSD This is your chance to score a Reedin SuperNatural SSD 6.0m wing in just three easy steps… Enter Now – Here’s How: 1. Follow @reedinwings on Instagram2. Tag 2 friends under this post and let us know where you’d ride the wing!3. Like & share the post to your story.4. Subscribe to […]

SUPERMODEL does Strapless

SUPERMODEL DOES STRAPLESS Strapless freestyle might be the hardest kitesurfing discipline for non-kiters to comprehend. How does the board stick to their feet in the air?? It’s also the most demanding discipline when it comes to kite design. You need to be able to focus on your board, spot your take-off and landing, and instantly […]

SUPERMODEL does Foiling

SUPERMODEL DOES FOILING Although foiling has been around for a long time, it’s being discovered by an increasing amount of people over the last years. Development in foil design and kite design has made it more accessible and more fun than ever before! Once you’ve gotten your first flights on the foil, the feeling of […]


SUPERMODEL DOES WAVES Waveriding is a demanding kitesurf discipline. When the perfect set is lining up, it’s critical to position yourself at exactly the right spot. And since not a single wave is ever the same, adaptability is a must, keeping your eyes focussed on the waves even more. You don’t want to be looking […]

SUPERMODEL does Kiteloops

SUPERMODEL DOES KITELOOPS There are kite loops in every flavour nowadays, but undeniably it’s the Megaloop that is on everybody’s goal-list when starting to learn them. Few things are more exhilarating when you’re going as high as possible and get that horizontal yank. At the same time, nothing is more important than trusting your kite […]

SUPERMODEL does Freestyle

SUPERMODEL DOES FREESTYLE Unhooked freestyle has long been the ultimate competition discipline in the world of professional kiteboarding. Kevin Langeree fought his way onto the podium several times, crowning himself PKRA Freestyle World Champion in 2009. Notably, Reedin co-founder and kite-designer Damien Girardin developed the very kite that helped him become victorious. Needless to say […]

Reedin GROM team camp!

Reedin GROM team camp! After launching the Reedin GROM team at the start of 2023, we’ve kicked things off with our very first physical event! Bringing together young riders from all over the world to have them meet and ride together and learn new skills that help them on the road to becoming a professional […]