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Designer Talk: SuperModel HTF

We’re checking in with Reedin co-founder and head of design Damien Giradin about the newly released SuperModel HTF. For those unfamiliar with SuperModel, can you introduce the kite to us? SuperModel is designed with the goal to have it react and fly to perfection. The main focus is the way it performs, feels, turns, forgives, […]

A KEVVLOG perspective into the Collection 4 shoot

The Reedin kite collection 4 has launched and you have undoubtedly seen our new products! SuperModel HTF is guaranteed to take your jumps to new heights, and Kevin’s signature board the KevPro has got some significant upgrades. Not to mention a sneak peak into the brand new SpaceAgency full carbon twintip, of which we will […]

Riding the shortest lines ever!

“In our latest Reedin Talks, Damien and Kevin talk about the effects of shortening your lines, the pro's and con's and everything in between.

Kevin looks back on his King Of The Air performances in the latest KEVVLOG

KEVVLOG⁶ #11 Kevin looks back on his King Of The Air performances in the latest KEVVLOG Since competing in his first KOTA on Maui in 2005, this event has had a special place in Kevin’s heart. Becoming King has been a huge drive in his career, battling fierce competition and injuries, he’s taken more victories than anyone

Kevin Langeree launches the Reedin GROM team!

As many of you might know, our co-founder Kevin Langeree started kitesurfing as a true GROM himself, at age 11. He knows like no other that hard work and high motivation are key to becoming a better kitesurfer, Sharing the excitement for kitesurfing runs through Kevin’s DNA, which is why it lies at the core of everything we do at Reedin. Starting a GROM team has been a lifelong dream for Kevin and now we have the opportunity to do so!

Opening of the Reedin Flagship Store in Tarifa

Reedin Tarifa Pro Store

We’ve worked super hard with the whole team to open a Reedin Flagship store in Tarifa! As many kitesurfers know, Tarifa is considered the wind-capital of Europe and draws many, many kiters each year that enjoy strong winds, blue water, and amazing vibes.