Did you know these iPhone apps record your screen while you use them?

When an app says it's collecting data for technical support or analytics purposes, it seems innocuous but a report by TechCrunch and The App Analyst found a number of iOS applications that went much further without informing users. The apps mentioned...
Popular iPhone apps are recording their users' every tap and swipe, according to a TechCrunch report. According to the report, customer analytics firm Glass box allows its customers to record user activity without disclosing that they are doing so. Glassbox customers reportedly include major companies like Abercrombie & Fitch, Expedia, and Air Canada. Screen recording is so sensitive that historically, Apple does give third-party developers the ability to carry out the practice. Some popular iPhone apps may be violating Apple's rules by secretly recording every single tap and swipe consumers make while using the apps. The revelation comes via a TechCrunch report on Wednesday which describes how the customer analytics firm Glassbox allows
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